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Payment Types
All purchases can be made with a Credit Card as well as with PayPal (Certain countries are applicable).
How do I get started?
Simply create a Free Account and get started. You will not be charged to create a Free Account. You only have to pay for the scene you want, there are no hidden fees and no rebills. Once you’ve purchased the scene you will always be able to re-download it at any time.
What can I download?
You will be able to download all DP Flixxx scenes shown. When you purchase a scene, you will also receive the Picture Gallery for that scene for free.
Can I delete my Free Account?
You will be able to delete your Free Account by contacting our Support Team here. Please note that if you delete your Free Account, you will not be able to log back in with your credentials to download content you have already bought, and you will not be able to regain that content back if you create a new account.
How does pricing work?
All content on the site will be priced the same. We may at times provide discounts to all users, as well as create bundles of content to download at a discounted price.