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Tyler Steel

Tyler Steel's details
  • June 22, 2016
  • 160lb
  • 5'0"
  • 2

Tyler Steel is as hard as they come. Not for nothing did he take his name after one of the world's strongest metals! In that way - just like his cock in any number of the horny women he has bedded - Tyler Steel's name fits perfectly. Of course, even when he was calling himself Tyler Page, he was still making a name for himself as one of porn's biggest superstars. Indeed for Tyler, his rise to prominence was written in the stars; porn was always his destiny.

Originally from Miami, Tyler is your typical guy's guy: when he isn't out with friends watching the game, he can usually be found crafting his body into a chiseled masterpiece at the gym. He prefers maintaining his figure by doing something other than just exercise, though. He especially loves playing both conventional games like soccer and basketball, as well as some of the world's more extreme sports. And then there's his favorite physical pastime: fucking really, really hard.

He may not cast as intimidating a shadow as some of the more physically imposing male pornstars, but Tyler's incredibly huge, thick cock definitely cuts him a swarthy silhouette. His literally jaw-dropping dick is what has made Tyler so famous, causing audible gasps of surprise and joy from his lucky partners the world over. Then again, it isn't just Tyler's size, but also his style, which is making him such a household name in the industry. His aggressive sexual prowess yet chilled-out demeanor is beloved by his co-stars, and he enjoys a great reputation in the business for being both a consummate professional and a great lay. Tyler Steel has been working steadily since 2013, and he shows no sign of stopping. Once again like his namesake, this Steel was built to last.

Aliases : Tyler Steel,Mike,Tyler

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