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Mila Marx

Mila Marx's details
  • Blonde, Brunette
  • Belly-Button-Piercing
  • Average Body
  • Medium Ass
  • August 6, 1996
  • Brazilian
  • 32C-30-36
  • 22

Boasting a rich heritage from both Russia and Brazil, it's no wonder why Mila Marx has been turning heads in the porn game, what with her exotic look, a super-thick booty, perky caramel tits that seem to defy gravity, and her taut, full curves. But even though she's the result of an international incident, this brand spankin' new, luscious Latina superstar has roots in both Florida and California, making her a true national treasure. Her libido is so electric, it could probably power the entire country!

There's always been a buzz around Mila Marx, even before she got into the porn business. Back in school, this sweet little seductress made the most of her naturally curvaceous body to try and satisfy her unquenchable thirst for big, fat cock. Mostly, that involved spending time with the "wrong" crowd, people like her whose morals were a bit loose but whose bodies were super tight. She always excelled at academics and sport, but her truest passion lay in getting fucked. And it still is today.

That's not to say Mila doesn't have hobbies outside of her work-meets-play lifestyle, of course. A well-trained and devout yogi, she gets her exercise by getting sweaty with her fellow gurus in the studio. She's also a keen dancer and loves to jiggle her bountiful ass and tits either at a hip-hop show or at any number of Cali's hottest night spots. It doesn't really matter where Mila Marx shows up, because wherever it is, things are bound to get hot!

Aliases : Mila Marx

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