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Alex D

Alex D's details
  • June 6, 1990
  • California, USA
  • 145lb
  • 5'8"
  • 28
  • USA
  • California

For the American pornstar formerly known as Alex Davis, having a last name was just unnecessary. Now known as Alex D, this man of few words lets his "D" do the talking. Still a newcomer to LA's porn scene, Alex D first dropped his jeans on-screen in August 2015, and since that fateful moment he's been enjoying a steady rise to XXX fame. Notorious off-set for his fast humor and quippy one-liners, this Californian hunk is all business when the cameras start rolling. Not much for dirty talk, he prefers to showcase his sexy co-stars, giving them unimaginable pleasure and big squirting orgasms with his G-spot magnet of a cock.

Away from his X-rated day job, Alex D keeps things low-key. A computer programmer and video game enthusiast, this hot nerd is a homebody, who enjoys kicking back with an ice cold beer, Netflix marathons, and his trusty tabby, Beast. Also, you wouldn't know it from his flat abs and superb arm muscles, but Alex D has a wicked sweet tooth. He jokes that his least favorite shoot is "a production set without doughnuts". Keeping Alex D stocked up in sugary treats was no hassle for Digital Playground, and in return he filmed some hot-as-hell hardcore with us!

Aliases : Alex Davis

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