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Jordi's details
  • September 11, 1994
  • Spain
  • 165lb
  • 5'8"
  • 24
  • Spain
  • Spain

Spanish sensation Jordi "El Nino Polla" has enjoyed a meteoric rise to stardom since bringing his skinny physique and impressively big dick to the XXX industry in 2013. Now considered to be one of the fastest-rising pornstars in history, this teen stud is known for his fun, trickster persona, his on-set selfies, and of course, his ability to keep his cock hard when faced with some of the hottest women on the planet!

Born and raised in Spain, this guy-next-door type was had just celebrated becoming of legal age when he struck out for the porn capital, on a mission to score some fine pornstar loving. With seasoned performer Nachol Vidal as his mentor, Jordi quickly carved out a niche for himself as the teen who fucks with the hottest MILF performers. And once the cameras got a look at this young Romeo, it wasn't long before some of the biggest and best companies in the game were begging him to come bang for them!

Always wanting to put his co-stars at ease, Jordi breathes fresh energy onto each porn set he graces, relaxing everyone with his jester hijinks and quick smile. Often considered a courageous performer for his small size and rookie status, Jordi has more than enough moxie to crush the haters. He's living his life one naughty adventure at a time, and confirming what many of us have been wondering since the beginning of time: that, indeed, you don't have to be a superhero to get some of that sweet pornstar pussy!

Aliases : Jordi 'El Nino Polla',Jordi

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