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Justin Hunt

Justin Hunt's details
  • December 31, 1988
  • Palm Springs, California
  • 165lb
  • 6'0"
  • 30
  • California
  • Palm Springs

By all accounts, Justin Hunt is a top notch stud, super nice guy, and a blast to shoot with. Whether this has anything to do with his massive cock or not remains to be seen, but every model he fucks only has great things to say about the angel-faced gentleman from Palm Springs. Of course, if you were spending your days getting your cock sucked by the hottest women under the sun, you too would probably be floating on cloud nine! Justin has risen to fuck a who's-who of porn starlets, and you know what they say: when you love who you get to do, you never work a day in your life.

With no tattoos or piercings, clean-cut looks, and rocking his pearly-white smile, everything about Justin screams innocence until he starts to strip. Beneath his clothes is one of the hardest cocks in the industry, and it is complimented by a chiseled physique tightened by hours of hard work and exercise. As friendly as he is, when it comes time to fuck, Justin is as freaky as they come. A true gentleman in every regard, Justin always makes sure a lady gets off before rewarding her for a job well done with a thick load of cum. What's more sexy than a woman who knows what she wants? The women want Justin, and Mr. Hunt, the classic gentleman, would be remiss to deny a lady what she desires.

Aliases : Justin Hunt

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