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Mia Martinez

Mia Martinez's details
  • June 6, 1996
  • Miami, FL
  • 121lb
  • 5'3"
  • 34D
  • 22
  • FL
  • Miami

If pierced, inked Latinas float your boat, come get nautical and naughty with Mia Martinez! Mia's all about fulfilling fantasies. Her biggest fantasy was to have sex on a sea vessel, and one fateful day she was actually able to make her fantasy a reality! Mia was partying it up on a yacht with some friends, when conveniently, she ended up alone with a hot guy in a room with a bed. Things got hot and heavy, and his dick game was so strong that Mia squirted everywhere!

Mia has her nose and belly button pierced and tattoos on her forearms and ribs, but don't worry, no matter how wet she gets her ship doesn't sink. Tatted up like a sailor, Mia has got a filthy fucking mouth too, and loves to tell a guy just what to do to her D-cup big tits and fine Latina booty. Though she has no seafaring experience, Mia can hoist your mast in no time flat, and show you the sexiest motion in the ocean.

When she isn't partying it up with her friends, Mia is on the search for water to lounge in: particularly, nude beaches. Like the sleek exterior of a yacht, Mia has big curves, and with big boobs like hers she doesn't need a life jacket! From port to starboard, Mia's banging body is worth a trip to Davey Jones' locker, but you won't have to travel 20 000 leagues under the sea: check out some of her wet scenes here at Digital Playground!


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