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Alec Knight

Alec Knight's details
  • June 13, 1972
  • Missouri, USA
  • 170lb
  • 5'10"
  • 46
  • USA
  • Missouri

If you think nice guys finish last, then get ready for Alec Knight to prove you wrong! From atop his mountain of tits and ass, this handsome hunk urges all men to be sweet and chivalrous if they ever want to pound as much pussy as he does. Ladies just can't get enough of this broad shouldered babe! This gorgeous guy has made it his mission to ensure that no woman ever leaves his bed without being completely satisfied, and his lusty lovers reward him by coming back over and over again for that long strong dong.

His good looks and charm are enough to win over any woman, but it's his artistic side that makes him a truly unstoppable poon slayer. When Alec isn't wielding his cock with expertise and finesse, he's working as an illustrator and animator. You can even find his name in the credits of such primetime giants as Striperella and Family Guy. Handsome, sweet, creative, AND successful? What more could a gal ask for?

An industry vet, Mr. Knight has been in the biz since 2003 and he's been fucking foxes ever since. Never one to brag, this beefy bloke isn't likely to list his accomplishments, but that's what bios are for! He's a three time AVN nominee, the go-to-guy for parodies, and he's banged some of the hottest broads in the world including the exotic Katsuni, the spirited Tory Lane, and the infamous Audrey Bitoni. So next time you're worried about being too nice, just think of Alec Knight and all the notches on his bed post.

Aliases : Alec Knight