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Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins' details
  • June 11, 1979
  • USA
  • 176lb
  • 6'0"
  • 39
  • USA
  • USA

Johnny Sins might have one of the most powerful dicks in porn, but this bald blue-eyed stud wasn't always the pussy-pounding hero he is today. Before his 2003 debut, Johnny was working construction in Vegas, and he absolutely hated it. But rather than mope about the long hours and horrible bosses, this handsome hunk took a risk and moved to LA in hopes of fulfilling his dream of becoming a pornstar. With no connections to speak of, Mr. Sins started answering male talent ads in the newspaper. Some of his first gigs were legitimate, but for the most part they were paid-in-pussy shoots (not a bad deal if you ask most dudes). It took a while, but Johnny worked hard, paid his dues, and slowly made his way up the ladder to stardom.

Now that he's reached the top, this gorgeous guy is not about to let go. He sticks to a strict daily routine of yoga and healthy eating to stay in shape for the ladies. The pornstar lifestyle is full of naughty temptations, but Johnny never sways from his regimen, no matter how delicious the prospect might be. Some might say that his dedication to fitness is a bit excessive, but it was his rippled physique and unparalleled stamina that made him a star, so he better not let the standard slide.

While some might question his methods, no one can say that his hard work hasn't paid off. Mr. Sins has shot over 900 scenes for Brazzers and has appeared in more than twenty-five Digital Playground movies including The Shortcut, Cheerleaders, and Bridesmaids. A multiple AVN award nominee and successful porn producer in his own right, Johnny's career reached its pinnacle when he took home the ultimate prize: a XXX wifey of his very own. What more could a man ask for?

Aliases : Johnny Sins

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