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Yanick Shaft

Yanick Shaft's details
  • February 6, 1973
  • Toulouse, France
  • 165lb
  • 6'1"
  • 46
  • France
  • Toulouse

Ian Scott, also known as Yanick Shaft, is a hot well-hung Frenchman that's known for sweeping ladies off their feet and into his bed. A natural charmer who gets women wet with his accent alone, Ian's handsome face and impressive 10-inch cock have made him a certifiable heartbreaker. And while he's not the kind of lover who'll stick around to cuddle afterwards, you can rest assured that this orgasmic gentleman leaves every one of his leading ladies feeling 100% satisfied!

The kind of guy who's always on the go, Scott has been an enthusiastic athlete for as long as he can remember and participates in everything from triathlons to downhill mountain bike races. In fact, it was actually his soccer teammates who first pointed out to him how enormous his package is while in the showers one day! Realizing the potential of his mighty member, Ian joined the adult film industry back in 1998 and has been banging broads on film ever since. And thanks to his gift for rigorously fucking ladies until they're overcum with ecstasy, he's not only been cast in over 700 scenes, but was also won a Hot D'Or award three years in a row!

Not only is Ian a tremendous treat between the sheets, but judging by the countless close friends he has within the industry, he's a true pleasure to have around both on set and off. In fact, when he's not busy plowing pussy on screen, this lovable guy can be found partying it up with the European porn scene's top talent. So to see this five-star performer getting more than friendly with some of the hottest Euro babes in the game, do yourself a favor and watch his mind-blowing scenes below!

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