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Clover's details
  • April 20, 1987
  • USA
  • 184lb
  • 5'11"
  • 31
  • USA
  • USA

Clover may only have one name, but when you've got a Komodo dragon for a dick, one's all you need. With his hair slicked back, sleeve of tattoos and foot-long wiener, Clover is truly a force to be reckoned with. Watching him pile-drive that meaty thunder into a tight hole will have you scratching your head, and rod, at the same time.

Clover's entrance into the world of porn was a chance encounter. It all started at a party he went to with his girlfriend-of-the-week who couldn't stop talking about how huge his dick was. Still shaking from that afternoon's episode of carnal destruction, Clover's chick told the whole party about his legendary pussy-splitter. Naturally, guests started egging him on and so Clover did what all baddasses do and whipped it out for the whole room to see. Everybody went silent, a rocks glass smashed on the floor, and the rumour mill started making waves. Before you knew it, a big-time agent caught wind of what was happening in Clover's pants and made the call. Clover showed up to the studio a few hours later, dumped out his meat cobra, and it's been LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION, ever since.

He's now starred in almost 100 adult films and has been nominated for two AVN awards including "Best Male Newcomer," and "Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene". He's starred alongside some of the best in the biz, such as Kota Skye and Peta Jensen. When he's not introducing women to new sexual dimensions, Clover likes a smooth glass of scotch and a table to rest his cock on.

Aliases : Clover

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