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Antonio Ross

Antonio Ross' details
  • January 15, 1980
  • Hungary
  • 180lb
  • 6'0"
  • 39
  • Hungary
  • Hungary

Antonio Ross is a Hungarian hunk who epitomizes the American dream. Permanently living life in the fast lane, there's nothing out of reach for Antonio, no matter how awesome! Whether he's finger-banging supermodels on a yacht, handing out haymakers in the boxing ring, or riding a motorcycle with a busty slut on the back, Antonio is a certified badass through and through. Moving back home to Budapest after finding out his girlfriend was cheating, Antonio decided then and there that monogamy was no longer on the menu. And so, cranking it into high gear, Antonio took the porno plunge and it's been nothing but a shameless blur of wild foam parties and intense orgies ever since. Preferring sex in an order that might surprise you - ass, mouth, vag - Antonio has never had any problem showing the ladies who's boss. Having now starred in over 300 hardcore scenes, Antonio's cock has more mileage than most automobiles, and if you think he's nearing retirement, you couldn't be more wrong. Thanks to his healthy diet, intense fitness regimen, and unlimited booty calls, Antonio's pussy-meter will still be racking up quadruple-digits 'til kingdom come. So take a seat and press play, because Antonio Ross is about to give you the master-lesson on how to become an irresistible cocksmith.

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