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Erik Everhard

Erik Everhard's details
  • December 2, 1976
  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • 175lb
  • 5'10"
  • 8" long x 6.
  • 42
  • Canada
  • Calgary

Canada's porn legend Erik Everhard has been around the XXX block--a few hundred times! Appearing in roughly 10 flicks per month since his 1999 debut, he has banked almost 2,000 starring credits, plus directed over 100 scenes himself. But hailing from the cowboy capital known as Calgary, it's no surprise that this prairie boy can ride! Famous for having a dick thick enough to warrant a warning label, Erik Everhard is one of the most recognized performers around LA's adult industry. But his notoriety extends far beyond Porn Valley! This AVN Hall of Fame member jokes that he can't show his face inside any bar in the world without being stopped by fans.

Still for a cocky blue-eyed Ukrainian from Alberta, Erik Everhard's success came as a surprise, even to him. Moving out west in 1998 for university, he'd planned on completing a BA degree in Kinesiology and Criminology, before Vancouver's underground porn scene stole his heart. At the urging of friends, Erik ditched his job at a bodybuilder gym and moved to LA to pursue his X-rated ambitions. There, the stars soon aligned for this rebellious ex-pat--and they haven't stopped shining since! Having recently completed a sex tour around Eastern Europe, Erik Everhard is back in town, and ready to show DP fans everything they've been missing!

Aliases : Erik Everhard

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