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Luke Hardy

Luke Hardy's details
  • December 16, 1983
  • England
  • 180lb
  • 6'0"
  • 35
  • England
  • England

Who better to appear in Digital Playground's wildest scripts than a tried and tested stuntman like Luke Hardy? With his penchant for the extreme, this handsome hunk loves testing the limits of his body, while pushing the boundaries of his sexual endurance. He's been a stunt double for some of Europe's hottest A-listers, but when he isn't participating in epic car chases and intense battle scenes, this handsome hunk is working hard to build up his reputation as one of porn's hottest studs. Unlike his action roles, the XXX set has no mainstream celebrities to hide behind. It's just Luke, his massive member, and a beautiful woman, but rather than shy away from the spotlight, this badass bloke steps up and shows off his masculine power, fiery passion, and insane fucking talents.

So how did this gorgeous guy find his way from action movies to smut? A foxy friend in the booty biz took one look at his rippling muscles and impressive bulge, and set him up with a "modeling" audition. When he arrived at the casting couch, he realized this was no ordinary go-see. The director had no time for screen tests and read-throughs, so he just threw him a little lube and said, "Have at her." Most guys would shrink at the prospect of getting hard on camera, but Luke rose to the occasion, and not only rocked one hell of a stiffy, but banged his costar long into the night, leaving her breathless and satisfied. From then on, he's been cast left and right, getting his fair share of the world's finest pussy and living every man's dream. Explosions and orgasms? What more could I guy ask for?

Aliases : Luke Hardy

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