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Romeo Price

Romeo Price's details
  • 190lb
  • 6'0"
  • 0

Malibu is known for two things: the beautiful beach and the gorgeous bodies, making it the perfect place for Romeo Price to pitch his tent. Like any self-respecting beach bum, this California-based heartthrob is all about surfing and lifting weights. When he's not riding waves or waxing his board, Romeo can be found at the gym working his hard pecs and washboard abs. He can lift a whopping 450 pounds (that's about four teen pornstars!), and with all the time this hung hunk spends toning up, he'll be benching 500 in no time! Between surfing, body building, and partying, Romeo barely has time for sleep, but who needs it? Sleep is for the weak, and Mr. Price is anything but weak!

So how does this gorgeous guy pay for all the protein shakes and gym memberships it takes to maintain his perfectly sculpted frame? Back in 2011, Romeo decided to put his bod to the test, and see what kind of dough it could rake in. Cali is the perfect place for a burgeoning porn actor to look for work, so he took to the web in search of kinky opportunities in his area. He plastered the internet with his pretty face, and within a few weeks his twinkling green eyes had sucked in every sexy sweetheart from Brazzers to Wicked Pictures. Ladies just had to have a taste of this gorgeous guy's kissable lips, so they begged their directors to bring him in. And bring him in they did! Mr. Price has been pounding pussy on the daily ever since, quickly becoming an industry fave, and even earning himself an AVN nomination for Unsung Male Performer of the Year!

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